Nigel’s Dream: And The Loonies Have Taken Over The Asylum


5 September/Posted by Paul Hitter

We present an artistic manifesto that means nothing but a dream. It represents the works of two Romanian painters, Paul Hitter and Eugen Raportoru. It is a dream that shows you can gate borders but you cannot barrage freedom of expression. The paintings are a testament of true Balkan expressionism. They are dedicated to Great Britain’s own Mr. Nigel Farage.

“Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door.” — Nigel Farage, May 16, 2014, LBC Radio

The artists’ vision regarding the United Kingdom and London’s Buckingham Palace is an ethnical dystopian scenario to suit the image constructed by UK’s public opinion about Romanians and East-Europeans. The artists have addressed Britain’s absolutely toxic public opinion on immigration expressed in the media using an inflammatory rhetoric that speaks in volumes about UK’s xenophobic tendencies that lead to racial assaults.

We present an artistic manifesto that means nothing but a nightmare. The sort of nightmare that might prove itself a reality — of cultural and political bias, of social engineering gone seriously wrong, of an exclusionary and intolerant UK society that cannot educate its own people in the virtues of multiculturalism, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, integration, civic education.

Nigel’s Dream is a caricature that portrays the British Royal Guards as Roma people in a Gypsy camp having taken over Buckingham Palace.

The Loonies Have Taken Over The Asylum.

And they are not going to leave anytime soon.

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